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Products Include: 

  • Large banners & signs

  • Direct mail

  • Postcards

  • Brochures

  • Ballots

  • Newsletters

  • Door hangers

  • Rack cards

  • Palm cards

  • Yard signs


  • Business cards

  • Bumper stickers

  • Magnets

  • Balloons, buttons & more!

Political Printing
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Testa Group is a world-class digital marketing agency specializing in the creation, delivery, and optimization of
turn-key political and marketing campaigns.



  • Data - Legacy agencies rent lists- we own the data

  • Reach - We know your voters- behavioral analytics and data scientists measure, segment, and target your voters issue by issue, voter by voter

  • Complimentary - We work in tandem with your existing team to boost all efforts with better data and reach

  • Low Cost - Streamlined process and decades of campaigning results in better, faster, and less expensive digital voter outreach

We Manage:

  • Databases and Data (shared with candidate)

  • ESP and Sending Infrastructure

  • Opt-In and Opt-Out Lists

  • Compliance (CAN-SPAM)

  • Creative Assets

  • Landing Pages

  • Signal Data (shared with candidate)

  • Feedback Loop (forwarded to candidate)

Who We Are:

Early-Stage Positioning 

Purpose: To gather market and voter intelligence early in an election cycle to gain insight into best messaging and targeting, campaign optimization, and building & refining email lists 
and data sets. 


Timing: 8 - 18 months prior to election 


  • Gather information from candidate/staff

  • Rank issues and messaging

  • Test against small data sets (email and social media)

  • Analyze (landscape)

  • Subjects, creatives, and tone

  • Competition

  • Market/Geo and issues

Mid-Stage Push

Purpose: To drive home solidified campaign messaging, harden platform stances, garner voter and friendly support, plant seeds for fence-sitters, and create substance and size to the campaign. 

Timing: 3 - 8 months prior to election 


  • Refine lists and segments

  • Refine messaging

  • Broader targeting

  • Segment specific messaging

  • Set cadence, frequency, and schedule

Stretch-Drive Attack

Purpose: To drive hardcore voters and constituents to take action and vote, convince fence­sitters to take action, drive home late stage revelations and issues, and pull last-minute funds for campaign needs. 

Timing: 2 months prior to election through election morning


  • Schedules and plans are more rigid

  • "Get out and vote" and polling places pushed

  • Hard call to action

  • Message narrowed to key issues

  • Feedback loop is shortened

Hot Button Issues

Purpose: Rapid deployment of email campaigns to highlight breaking news/issues and/ or address major stories that may affect the election and/or entice voters. These campaigns are also deployed as last-ditch efforts when crucial action is needed. 

Timing: Ad-Hoc 


  • Identify and assess

  • Rapid deployment

  • Messaging

  • List segment targeting

  • Landing page

  • Call to action

  • Feedback

We accept payment through all major credits cards and FourSquare.

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