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Bill Testa, CEO of the Testa Group, LLC and President/CEO of Direct Mail 20/20, LLC
Bill Testa, CEO of the Testa Group, LLC
President/CEO of Direct Mail 20/20, LLC
Introducing the Most Powerful, Patented, Direct Response Channel Ever Created

(U.S. Patent #8,412,602)

MyLife.Direct is an innovative, patented advertising service that solves the problem of today’s cluttered advertising landscape. Consumers receive Free Photographs of exceptional quality. The production and mailing costs are offset by advertisements that are targeted toward the consumer.
During the photo upload process, as well as numerous email interactions, consumers provide a wide range of data about which offers they want with their photos. Taken as a whole, this service drives the attention and relevance necessary for higher conversion and loyalty

This is an opportunity for advertisers to foster a stronger relationship by providing consumers with a desirable and requested product—at no cost— while conveying a message in a particularly targeted and meaningful way.

What Exactly is the Market Opportunity?

MyLife.Direct is delivering a turnkey advertising service to help our Program Partners monetize their existing advertising networks by creating this new channel for advertising impressions. The cost per thousand (CPM) and cost per impression (CPI) of the advertising service is extremely competitive on a nominal cost basis, and at least 20-40 times more effective based on the nature of this product in that it is: 1) requested, 2) tactile, 3) tangible, 4) non-blockable, and 5) explicitly data-driven.
It's simply the Most Powerful Patented Direct Response Channel Ever Created!

(U.S. Patent #8,412,602)
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